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Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops - Calling to the night    twitter 

Through the night
To the day
When everything is gone
Carry this soul away from the dry lands

In the sun we see
Fighting over lines
All our dreams and wishes
We send home for safe keeping
Fighting for what's right

Calling to the night
To dream
Again in the light
Waiting for a storm to rise
And feel the isolation fleeting

Calling to the night
To be
Or not to be
Fighting here
Leaving without you
Leaving my soul behind

Calling to the night
Colors of kodachrome
Fade with time

Calling to the night
For us
For every single life
All the ashes of men remain
As a perfect memory
Calling to the night

But the heart
Will remain
As a silhouette of time
Hear the ringing echoes
In the splitting horizon
Calling to the night

Calling to the night - Calling to the night

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Original title : Calling to the night
Game : Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops
Plateforms : PSP
Performer : Natasha Farrow
Composer : Hibino Norihiko
Year of the game : 2006

Form added by Blondie.
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