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I never wanted to be another gear in that corrupted world's machine
All my life felt like a dream
I was never who I really wanted me to be
But then God shattered that dream's cage
And rose me up to a new stage
Cut it away like a sharp knife
Then gave me this new life

Now suddenly there's a new twist
A reason to really exist
I wanna breathe in the fame
As this whole new world cheers my name

I'll never leave it to fate
So when I see a chance I'll pave the way
I'll call checkmate
This is the time to break through
So I'll rewrite the story and I'll finally change all the rules

We won't give in
Until we win this game

Though I don't know what tomorrow holds
I'll make a bet and play my cards to win this game
Unlike the rest
I'll do my best and I won't ever lose
To give up this chance would be a deadly sin
So let's bet it all
I'll put all my faith in us so let the games begin

This game - Cover Anglais- LeeandLie - This game - Cover Anglais- LeeandLie

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Original title : This game - Cover Anglais- LeeandLie
Anime : No Game No Life
Artist : LeeandLie

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