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Let it unfold
Will howling tides give me something to hold
On to my life when I've sunken so low
Over the end of the vortex we took every breath to follow
Where do we go
Where do we end up when we save the world
Truth in the shadows so brightened in gold
Place our fate into the one aren't in control

A couple things undue
Drop the fight and let it follow through
Freeze just for a sec or 2
Breathe again in the world anew
I guess that there was never such a thing
Like everything's meant to be
But imma win this silly game
Until then I wil never leave
Take back all my regrets
And camouflage it like your silhouette
Time is like music
Play it 'til the end and then reset
Knowing it all am I destined to fall
Like once you did for me

Ecalp ruo etaf otni eht eno nera't ni lortnoc
Hturt ni eht swodahs os denethgirb ni dlog
Erehw od ew dne pu nehw ew evas eht dlrow
Erehw od ew og
Revo eht dne fo eht xetrov ew koot yreve htaerb ot wollof
No ot ym efil nehw I'ev neknus os wol
Lliw gnilwoh sedit evig em gnihtemos ot dloh
Tel ti dlofnu

VORTEX - Opening (TV Size) - VORTEX

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Original title : VORTEX - Opening (TV Size)
Anime : Link Click - Saison 2
Artist : Bai Sha JAWS
Year of the OST : 2023

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