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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Once more with feelings" - Walk Through The Fire (Buffy contre les vampires - "Que le spectacle commence" - Walk Through The Fire)    twitter 

I touch the fire and it freezes me
I look into it and it's black
Why can't I feel?
My skin should crack and peel
I want the fire back

Now, through the smoke she calls to me
To make my way across the flame
To save the day or maybe melt away
I guess it's all the same

So, I will walk through the fire
Cause where else can I turn?
I will walk through the fire
And let it

The torch out there is scorching me
Buffy's laughing I've no doubt
I hope she fries
I'm free if that bitch dies!
I better help her out.

Cause she is drawn to the fire
Some people

She will

(Spike, Dmon)
never learn
And she will walk through the fire
And let it

Will this do a thing to change her?
Am I leaving Dawn in danger?
Is my slayer too far gone to care?
What if Buffy can't defeat it?
Beady Eyes is right
where needed!
...Or we could just sit around and glare

We'll see it through
It's what we're always here to do
So, we will walk through the fire...

So one by one, they turn from me
I guess my friends can't face the cold
What can't we face...
But why I froze, not one among them knows
...if we're together.
and never can be told.
She came from the grave much graver.

So one by one they come to me
The distant redness as their guide
First, he'll kill her, then I'll save her
Everything is turning out so dark
Going through the motions
But what they find
Ain't what they had in mind
It's what they have inside
Walking through the part
No, I'll save her, then I'll kill her
I think this line is mostly filler
What's it going to take to strike a spark?
She will come to me
These endless days are finally ending in a blaze

And we are caught in the fire
At the point of no return
So we will walk through the fire
And let it
Let it burn
Let it burn
Let it burn !

Interprte VO :

Sarah Michelle Gellar
James Marsters
Dmon ????
Anthony Stewart Head
Nicholas Brendan
Emma Caulfield
Amber Benson
Alyson Hannigan

Buffy the Vampire Slayer -

TV Series - Infos
Original title : Buffy the Vampire Slayer - "Once more with feelings" - Walk Through The Fire
Number of episodes : 144
Number of seasons : 7
Composer : Joss Whedon
Performer : Voir commentaire
Actors : Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendan, Alyson Hannigan, Amber Benson, Anthony Stewart Head, James Marsters, Emma Caulfield, Michelle Trachtenberg
1st french broadcasting : 1998
1st french broadcasting channel : M6

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