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The Walking Dead - "Still" (The Walking Dead - "Calme"(Saison 4-Episode 12))    twitter 

"Up the wolves"

There's bound to be a ghost
At the back of your closet
No matter where you live
There'll always be a few things, maybe several things
That you're gonna find really difficult to forgive

(pont musical)

There's gonna come a day when you feel better
You'll rise up free and easy on that day
And float from branch to branch, lighter than the air
Just when that day is coming, who can say, who can say?

Our mother has been absent
Ever since we founded Rome
But there's gonna be a party
When the wolves comes home

(pont musical)

We're gonna commandeer the local airwaves
To tell the neighbors what's been going on
And they will shake their hands and wag their bony fingers
In all the wrong directions, and by daybreak we'll be gone

(pont musical)

I'm gonna get myself in fighting trim
Scope out every angle of unfair advantage
I'm gonna bribe the officials, I'm gonna to kill all the judges
It's going to take you people years to recover from all of the damage

Our mother has been absent
Ever since we founded Rome
But there's gonna be a party
When the wolvescomes home

The Walking Dead -

TV Series - Infos
Original title : The Walking Dead - "Still"
Number of episodes : Toujours en production
Number of seasons : Toujours en production
Composer : John S. Darnielle
Performer : The Mountain Goats
Actors : Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Norman Reedus, Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn, Steven Yeun, Lennie James, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Emily Kinney
1st french broadcasting : 2011
1st french broadcasting channel : Orange Cinéma

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